B&B Owner/Operator Quiz
Is Your B&B Knowledge Based On
"B&B Outdated Traditional Myths OR
Current Industry Realities"

This quiz was designed to help you assess whether your B&B knowledge is based on stone age myths, romantic notions or actual current industry trends.

Unfortunately, many of the training materials for new, perspective B&B operators is still based on information that was written many years ago. Can you tell what is outdated, and what is current?

Don't guess! If you do, your results will be based on your luck, not on your current knowledge.

Make sure you pick the MOST correct answer for each question. If you think there are multiple correct responses, pick the MOST correct one.

You must answer all questions before you can submit your quiz. You will see your results immediately.

"Do You Have What It Takes To Run A Successful, Profitable B&B In Today's Competitive Marketplace?"

Question #1
What is the most important factor in predicting your future B&B's success?

a) cleanliness of your rooms
b) repeat business
c) location
d) hosts personality
e) word of mouth
f) none of the above

Question #2
What should be the #1 priority of any profitable B&B owner?

a) guest services
b) upkeep, maintenance and repairs
c) networking
d) hiring good staff
e) nurturing repeat business
f) none of the above

Question #3
What factors should determine which B&B associations/websites you join?

a) Price
b) Size of membership
c) Local or national
d) Their website design
e) Membership purchasing discounts
f) none of the above

Question #4
What is the #1 mistake made on the majority of B&B websites?

a) color scheme
b) pictures and graphics
c) description of hosts
d) website hosting company
e) property description
f) none of the above

Question #5
What would be the #1 contributor to most B&B operators burning out in 5-7 years?

a) not enough rooms
b) owner's age and health
c) demanding, bad guests
d) unsupportive family
e) not closing the inn regularly for rest breaks
f) none of the above

Question #6
What should be the #1 factor in determining where to open YOUR B&B?

a) price of the property
b) the specific architecture of the building
c) whether it is established business or a startup
d) the local weather
e) your customer service skills
f) none of the above

Question #7
Which statement is MOST true

a) an old Victorian will make a more profitable B&B
b) new home construction will make for a more profitable B&B
c) buying an established B&B makes the most sense
d) you need more than 5 rooms to take a living wage
e) you need to be a real "people person" to make money with a B&B
f) none of the above

Question #8
The most important factor to the ongoing future profitability of your B&B is?

a) word of mouth
b) repeat business
c) your advertising
d) your staff
e) your customer service skills
f) none of the above

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