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"Avoid The Common Mistakes
Most B&B Owners Make",

(critical mistakes that cost you time, money,
energy and your dreams!)

If you are seriously considering starting, buying or operating your own B&B,
PLEASE take a few minutes to read this complete letter.

Do you find the idea of owning your own successful Bed and Breakfast or Country Inn exciting? Does the romance of owning a profitable operation with the finest amenities and luxuries entice you? Does enjoying a beautiful residence that welcomes visitors who leave as friends sounds like Shangri-la? Avoiding the hustle and stress of traffic, grumpy bosses, while enjoying the surroundings and luxuries of home, is alluring to people who love the company of other people. It really is the ultimate stay-at-home-job! And once you start doing the mental math you'll quickly realize just how profitable, enjoyable and lucrative this idea really "could" be!

Unfortunately, too many operators start their businesses without getting ALL the information they need to be profitable and successful.

"It's not the answers to their questions that cause them problems,
it's the questions they never considered to ask!"

Did you know that most B&B owners are reported to suffer from burn out in just 5-7 years?

Did you know that many B&B's listed for sale, have been listed for YEARS with ZERO offers?

Did you know that most "B&B startup guides" are based on a B&B industry that existed 25 years ago?

That the majority of current B&B owners interviewed said that they have NOT met their business expectations (88%)?

The GOOD NEWS is that there is a small percentage (12%) of owner/operators have reported they've far exceeded their business expectations!! (lifestyle and financial)

What Do These Profitable Innkeepers Know,
That The Struggling Majority Are Simply Unaware Of?

There's TONS information published on the basics for starting, decorating and running a bed and breakfast. Interestingly, we couldn't find ANY published information on the "insider secrets" to becoming truly profitable.

Many new operators quickly discover there must be some priorities and concepts that only a few B&B owners have learned. (The happy and successful ones!) These profitable owners see a much larger picture than those who've been lured to the business by the romantic images, lifestyle and rosier pictures painted by expensive B&B seminars and training materials.

Many new owner/operators only become aware of these "issues" AFTER they've invested HUGE amounts of their hard earned money, and not gotten the results they expected.

By simply asking a few, "bigger picture" questions, and examining the answers, many of these innkeepers could quickly put their businesses back on a profitable track. Unfortunately, until now, desperate owner/operators had nowhere to discover what those questions, concepts and "insider secrets" were!

How confident are you that your perception of the B&B industry is current. Or, could your perception be based on an industry that existed 20 years ago?

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Warning: Please don't try this quiz if you are one of those individuals who think they know everything about everything! And don't send us angry emails if you don't get a perfect score.

This quiz is for people who are willing to consider alternatives, and "outside-the-box" creative business solutions.

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Whichever business or industry you decide to get involved in, you KNOW that there are TWO different sets of information/knowledge.

1st - there is the information that people from the outside world see as "information". This is usually just an outsider's perception on what they think happens in that business/industry.

2nd - there is the REALITY of the business and the knowledge that comes with actually discovering the nuances that can be learned from inside the day-to-day operations, or from someone who's willing to share their experiences, mistakes, observations and current revelations!

If you've ever moved into a new business or industry you know EXACTLY what we mean! There is a huge difference between the outsider's perception of the day-to-day workings of the business, VERSUS the reality of what really makes that business succeed!

Think back to any new job or business you've started! It didn't take long for you to discover that your outsider's perception" of that job or business was a "little off"!

The best example of this would be the story of what happens every few years at a prominent nursing college.....

It's been reported that there are years when application rates at the nursing college sky rocket! This occurs whenever Hollywood makes a movie glamorizing the romantic interaction between a nurse and a handsome doctor, or patient. Potential nursing applicants were then invited to a college tour. During that visit they were offered the opportunity to observe a messy operation, or autopsy; from one of the glassed teaching observation rooms. This "tour" tends to weed out a great number of applicants. The ones who didn't faint, get sick or walk out are then considered. This is a perfect example of the difference between the outside perception of "nursing", and the day-to-day reality!

Bed & Breakfast Reality Television?

B&B ownership conjures up a romantic, relaxed, lifestyle image. The Bob Newhart Show or the "Gilmore Girls Dragonfly Inn" portrays running your B&B as a glossy, stress-free business. These TV shows are NOT documentaries nor are they reality TV. Any veteran B&B operator will confirm that their reality is very different from that perception. There is basic business information about this industry that isn't overly romantic, sexy, enticing or glamorous. But it IS essential to operating a profitable B&B!


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Many years ago, when we first started "investigating" the possibility of becoming Bed and Breakfast owner/operators, we decided to do some "undercover surveillance"

We began systematically visiting various small country inns, boutique hotels and B&B's. We stayed the night as "regular guests", to collect ideas and evaluate procedures, both good and bad, regarding operations, location, ammenities, atmosphere, decorating, customer sevice etc.,

The following story was a revealing experience for us.....

We spent the night at a mid-size breakfast run by a charming, older Irish couple. They had bought this long established B&B from the previous owner who's health had forced the sale. Over breakfast (we were the only guests that day), we learned the details of their B&B experience of which they had invested their retirement nest egg. Despite their best efforts, the business had been on a slow, steady decline. They had decided to sell the business and listed it with a local real estate agent but two price reductions and 30 months later they were still waiting for their first written offer.

Although they still had a warm smile on their faces, it was obvious that they were not enjoying the business (or each other) much anymore.....

When we tried to look them up a few years later we were saddened to see their place was no longer listed as a B&B.

Fast forward a few years...

We now KNOW that there were just one or two small adjustments they could have made to improve, thrive and profit from their operation. Unfortunately, for them, it's too late!

Recently, we attended a B&B owner/operator discussion panel presented by a travel guide. We sat in amazement listening to a large room full of struggling operators discuss various issues. And NOT ONE struggling operator asked a question, or made a comment, regarding the specific concepts, priorities and changes in their industry that could help them flourish! They were totally missing the boat!

They weren't asking the right questions!!

That was the day that we decided to sit down and write all the things we wish we could have told that lovely Irish couple all those years ago. We are sure this information could have helped them greatly!

All these concepts, systems and ideas are now available to you. We KNOW that this information isn't readily available to most unsuspecting, rookie bed and breakfast owners. This specific "insider knowledge" could easily be the difference between you becoming a profitable B&B owner/operator, and putting a "For Sale" sign on your front lawn!

This information has been compiled into an ebook entitled "Bed & Breakfast Profits"

"Sometimes just a little inside information, a single concept or idea, is all that is standing between a struggling business, and a truly thriving enterprise!"


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There are many, many places and publications where you can learn, B&B breakfast
- Ideas on how to decorate your rooms,
- How to pick names for your rooms,
- How to design your unique breakfast menu,
- How to choose the appropriate name for your B&B
- Where to buy good quality linens,
- How often you should clean, do laundry, etc.,
- Methods for turning your backyard into a garden oasis
- How to make your own homemade jams.

This ebook ISN'T full of that sort of general information!

This ebook is specifically targeted towards the ideas that will make your bed and breakfast truly profitable! The concepts and issues we present to you are designed to broaden your view of the industry, it's future trends, and how to generate profits quickly!

This is what you need to learn BEFORE you make any expensive business decision!

This industry seems charming from the outside, however, it is VERY competitive. Your systems, operations and guest lists are your bread and butter. If you try and gain some wisdom from another local B&B operator you might be disappointed (or they'll give you BAD advice!). They have no desire to help you become their competition, and how do you know just how profitable THEY really are?

Your best bet would be to drive a couple hundred miles and set up a lunch with a profitable B&B owner in another state. And once again, how do you know just how profitable THEY are? The nature of the business makes most Innkeepers very reluctant to talk to new potential competitors. Your best bet would be to book a room, stay for breakfast, and just let them talk. Be careful, as soon as you say you're considering becoming an owner, they will hold their cards close to their chest.

In case you are getting the wrong idea at this point; we are NOT trying to talk you out of becoming a B&B owner. We are NOT trying to talk you into it either! We simply wish to help you to get a better perspective on the REALITY of today's B&B industry BEFORE you commit your time, money and energy!

Our desire is for new owners to go into their new venture with their eyes wide open. Their efforts and energy focused on the correct, profitable priorities.

And fortunately, You Now Have That Option!


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A wise man once said "with knowledge comes power".

With the specific knowledge you will gain from our ebook, you can start your Profitable and Successful Bed & Breakfast with much more confidence!

(Your guests won't be the only ones sleeping soundly!)

Here's what you'll find inside your copy of this ebook

Details of our search for B&B insider information.
Myths that will harm your chance for success! bed and breakfast operations manual
What specific "traditional thinking" is still valid today!
How to buy/start your B&B for pennies on the dollar!
The ONE SINGLE TASK any new owner/operator MUST prioritize to insure their B&B becomes profitable!
Why traditional advertising can destroy your dreams!
Are financial partners/investors a good idea? (You might be surprised!)
What your competition probably isn't doing right!
(And why this is a huge advantage for YOU!)
Our stealth way of doing your market research BEFORE you invest!
The ONE question and ONE answer that will convince YOU that your future B&B will be a booming success!
Lots of other questions, concepts, tips, tricks and ideas.
(Things that most new operators don't consider until AFTER they are open!)

This information will be delivered to you IMMEDIATELY. There will be no waiting for UPS or the post office. It will be delivered to you electronically in just minutes.

Here's what you WON'T receive

A cheerleading, fist-pumping, self-help, motivational, pump-you-up sermon

A quadrupled spaced, 22 pt font, fluff-filled ebook trying to impress you with its size.

Sales pitches and links to thousands other products.

Other basic, generic, "how to" B&B information that is readily available EVERYWHERE!

As soon as you finish downloading your copy, make yourself a cup of tea, or pour yourself a coffee, and sit back and read the information.

We won't make any guarantees that you'll make a million dollars after you've read it. Owning and running a bed and breakfast is NOT a get rich quick scheme! Our goal is to give you a wider knowledge base than 99% of the people looking into the possibility of becoming owner/operators. If you decide to pursue your dream of opening your own unique bed and breakfast, you will be MILES ahead of the pack.

You can obtain this information today for just $29.95 (more about that below).

In a few hours you will have absorbed more inside knowledge on building a PROFITABLE B&B than most of owners who are currently open, and struggling! Unfortunately, most of them are just trying to keep their B&B's head above water!

Why is the price $29.95?

That's simple. Here is the undisputed first rule of business. It has to Make A Profit! This is a simple rule you need to adopt! Don't do anything that isn't profitable. Period.

Putting your time and money into owning/operating your B&B, and NOT being profitable is simply a "hobby", NOT a business. We want you to start and run YOUR OWN ENJOYABLE, PROFITABLE B&B!

In every business you will hear new unsuspecting owners scream, "I wish I'd known that 6 months ago!!" This knowledge will eliminate your need to make the same financial mistakes SO many have made before you.
(Of course, feel free to make your own new unique mistakes!!)
Some people call it a "heads up", some call it "preventive hindsight.".We've set a true value price of $29.95 for this information!

Anything WORTH HAVING will come at a price!

There are 2 ways to pay for knowledge. You can put in the time to learn from the school of hard knocks, or you can get that information from sources and stories of others who have made the mistakes and are willing to help you avoid them!

What would the charming Irish couple we spoke about earlier paid for this information?? Unfortunately, they ended up paying dearly for NOT discovering just a few small ideas of where the industry was headed. We have no doubt they would have gladly paid MUCH MORE than just $29.95 for this information.

Armed with this info you can refine and develop YOUR business model and blueprint. We simply WOULD NOT let a relative, friend, or neighbor, operate their own bed and breakfast WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION!

Book (ebook) Your Room Now!

Whether you decide to open your own bed and breakfast, or not, we hope that "Bed and Breakfast Profits" stops the parade of well-intentioned, excited new innkeepers who are losing their dreams, and small fortunes, due to a lack of this specific information.

Hopefully, this information can do a small part in correcting that situation.

To receive your copy of: bed and breakfast profits

"Bed And Breakfast


Run Your Bed and Breakfast

and one more thing ...

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you purchase this information and are not totally satisfied we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase price. If, after downloading and evaluating your ebook, you honestly feel you didn't receive exceptional value for your hard earned dollar, simply send us an email within the next 30 days, and we will GLADLY refund 100% off your purchase. No silly questionnaires or weasel clauses. We'll take 100% of the risk!

You're Not Delighted, You Get Your Money Back!!
That's More Than A Guarantee,
That's Our Promise!!

NOTE: This information is delivered to you in ebook format.
It is a .pdf file that can be read on any computer platform

You Can Be Reading Your Copy Of This Information In Just Moments
(yes, even if it's 2:15 am.)

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Avoid The Crippling Mistakes Most B&B Owners Make


The price of this ebook will be going up shortly. With pay per click services, paid search engines and web hosting companies constantly raising prices and adding different fees, we will keep this particular site profitable, (remember the first rule of business). Therefore, "Buy Now" and beat the price increase!

With the knowledge contained in this ebook you will stand a much better chance of opening your own B&B AND KEEPING IT OPEN!

We wish you the best

The Farnhams (Patricia and Robert)

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PS. If you are considering investing thousands of dollars to own your own B&B, PLEASE take the chance that another Twenty dollars and twenty cents could save you energy, anxiety and a lot of money! (And it's tax deductible as a business expense!)

PPS. As wise man once said, "Everything we have in our life is a direct result of the choices we make, or don't make!"

PPPS. Lee Iacocca stated that the number one quality he looked for in a successful business person was, "the ability to make a decision"

PPPPS. Don't forget about our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to risk, and much to gain!

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